Down with the Butterfly

Down With The Butterfly formed in early 2005 in Halifax, Nova Scotia when Dave Scholten, Kris Pope, Jason Burns, & Ian Sherwood began practicing new songs in a little house by Chocolate Lake they Dubbed “the House of Love”. These rehearsals quickly expanded & the group began to play shows around Halifax & by the end of the summer they had toured all the way to Ontario & back. In May 2006 the group embarked on a string of successful “cd release” shows, despite the fact their cd was unable to be released due to problems at the USA/Canada border. Eventually, their ECMA award nominated debut album, RISE, was released in June of 2006 & the band toured from Newfoundland to Ontario in support of it. For the next year & a half the band continued to tour, using the opportunity to arrange, write, & refine new songs live in front of audiences. By 2008 the group was playing almost all unreleased material during live shows, but by this time they had driven two vans into oblivion & so they decided to call it quits with touring. Since then they have parted ways in order to focus on individual musical projects.

In early 2008 Down With The Butterfly recorded material for a sophomore album, but the recordings remained unreleased until now. ALL THE PIECES was released digitally online on Bandcamp.

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